Why Join ASEP?

You will be able to interact and share your knowledge on current issues and trend with leading Structural Engineers of the land. The re-launching of the ASEP Website will provide the members 24-hour access wherever they may be.

Access to different books, codes and other Engineering publications available at ASEP Library.

You will be able to serve the country and the community in general, by participating in the NATIONAL EMERGENCY RESPONSE ACTION PROGRAM (NERAP) activities.

You will be able to have your leadership potentials by actively participating in ASEP activities and by enlisting as a member or officers of the various Committees.

To be part of the prestigious Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines.


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Note: List used by the search engine is limited to ACTIVE ASEP MEMBERS only. In case of question/clarification, please contact the ASEP Secretariat at 410-0483 or 411-8606 or email