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Dear ASEP Members:

As of April 20, 2016 Final Draft of proposed ASEP By-Laws have been e-mailed to all members.

These ASEP BY-LAWS was amended by the Committee duly created by the Board of Directors and furnished to all active members in compliance with Article XI of the existing by laws.These amended by laws shall be voted upon during the General Membership meeting to be held on May 20, 2016, FRIDAY, 6:00 pm at Century Park Hotel, Ocampo St., Manila. ASEP General Membership Meeting is open to all active members only. Free of charge.

Your comments/concurrence to the By-Laws whether in part or by Section or  in its entirety is earnestly requested.

Kindly acknowledge receipt of the draft. If not kindly update your e-mail address at

Thank you.

ASEP Secretariat