Code of Ethics


It shall be considered unprofessional and inconsistent with honorable and dignified bearing for any members of the Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines:


  • To act for his client or for his employer otherwise than as a faithful agent or trustee.
  • To accept remuneration for services rendered other than from his client or his employer.
  • To invite or submit priced proposals under conditions that constitute price competition for professional services.
  • To attempt to supplant another engineer in a particular engagement after definite steps have been taken toward his employment.
  • To attempt to injure, falsely or maliciously, the professional reputation, business, or employment position of another engineer.
  • To review the work of another engineer for same client, except with the knowledge of engineer, unless such engineer’s engagement on the work which is subject to review has been terminated.
  • To advertise engineering services in self-laudatory language, or in any other manner derogatory to the dignity of the profession.
  • To use the advantages of the salaried position to compete unfairly with other engineers.
  • To exert undue influence or to other, solicit or accept compensation for the purpose of affecting negotiations for an engineering engagement.
  • To act in any manner derogatory to the honor, integrity or dignity of the engineering profession.


Adapted from the American Society of Civil Engineers ‘Code of Ethics’, August 5, 1973.